What Do You Need to Become a Corporate Event Planner?

Event planning is a subset of the hospitality industry. Corporate event planning is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding professions that you can have. As an event planner in Chicago, you will work for private and public sector clients creating, planning, and organizing events that range from intimate board meetings to large-scale conferences, incentive programs, fashion shows, product launches, and holiday parties to name a few. You will be in charge of many crucial aspects of planning an event such as designing the theme, sending out invitations, arranging the venue, selecting the caterer, and negotiating with vendors and suppliers among others. Becoming a great event planner requires many traits that you may already have. Let us explore how you can hone these traits to become the best event planner that you can be.

As a corporate events planner, you have to regularly deal with many stakeholders such as clients, vendors, suppliers, entertainers, and venue providers. You also must find a way to meet the demands of these people so that everything transitions smoothly to the day of the event. In order to meet everyone’s expectations, you must have:

  • Organization skills. Event Planners often have many things to balance in order to get their job done. To balance these tasks, event planners need to be good at multi-tasking. To be able to multi-task effectively, you must always have an organized mindset. Event planning is all about the logistics – multi-task well and you will be a superstar.
  • Creativity. Event planners oversee many aspects such as decoration, theme, menu selection, web design, and even gift bag assembly. These aspects make events unique and memorable for your guests; therefore, having a flair for creativity will definitely help you on the job.
  • Patience. Event planners usually thrive under pressure. An event consists of numerous little details which need to be planned and executed properly so that the event runs as smoothly as possible. Being patient will allow you to keep a level head as you deal with all of these details. You can always bring in an event management company if it becomes too much.
  • Positive attitude. Event planners have a duty to ensure that events run smoothly. During the event planning process, there will be numerous problems and obstacles that you need to solve. Being positive allows you to accomplish tasks and be proactive in getting information, reaching out, and ensuring that your vision is achieved.
  • Passion. Good event planners are passionate people because the events that they create are an extension of themselves. Through their hard work, events run smoothly and are usually successful because every minor and major detail was attended to. When you care enough for your event, you will get it done effectively.
  • Culinary knowledge. Good event planners must possess knowledge on food because they propose culinary concepts to their clients that must match the clients’ specifications and budgets. For many events, food is usually the most crucial factor that determines whether an event is successful. When people are fed well, they usually do not complain about the event. This is why in order to keep your guests satisfied, you should have a working knowledge on food.
  • Resourcefulness. Finally, a good corporate event planner must possess an important attribute: That of resourcefulness. Clients rely on a planner for so many things that the job of a planner often involves juggling many balls in the air so to speak. Open-mindedness is a critical key to success in event planning—which will in the end make profession a very rewarding one.