The Ultimate Guide to Last Minute Event Planning

Event planning can be a daunting task itself, even so when you received a request to organize an event that is just a few week/months away, or maybe an event where the schedule is suddenly moved ahead of time.

Do not decline immediately. This is a great opportunity for you to exercise your project management and collaboration skills. With the right mindset, focus, and guidance in event planning logistics, you will be able to push through the event successfully.

If you have many things on your plate and do not have time to plan the event or if you are not comfortable running an event, you can avail event management services to set your mind at ease.

A professional event planner will likely have a checklist of the things that should be covered before, during, and after your event. Nevertheless, we will share instead several tips and reminders for your event to flow smoothly as planned. After all, you deserve a glass of cocktail and enjoy your event.

Simulation of the event at the venue

Have you walked through the venue and checked the seating, lights, audiovisual equipment, layout, and decorations? Feel as if you were at the event itself to make sure everything is in place. Collaborate with the event planner and run through the checklist days before and during the event.

Reconfirmation of all logistics partners

It can be really frustrating when rental equipment or DJ/band suddenly does not show up, or when giveaways fail to print the correct texts. In a good event logistics management, the committed deliverables of suppliers and partners are reconfirmed periodically. This saves event planners a lot of headaches during the event.

On track committees/staff/volunteers

The closer the event day, the more short meetings should be conducted among your committees, staff, or volunteers. This will make them on board by being informed and motivated all the way. This will make your time a lot easier as each of them will be responsible for a specific area.

Promotional strategies

Is there already an ongoing promotional strategy being conducted? Depending on how large your event is, make sure you have a proper timing of press releases, calendar notices, and interviews prior the event. Make sure any expense is within your budget limit. If you are organizing a non-profit event, this will attract potential sponsors.

Budget check

Always check your running actual expenses vis-à-vis your budget. Are the prices of hotel as well as food and beverages already negotiated?   Work closely with your event planner so they will be aligned with your price structure. Rule of thumb when money comes in: set everything in writing. You will need a comprehensive review of your expenses versus budget in your expense report. There will be a lot of invoices especially for big events so be prepared for financial reconciliation.

Out-of-town VIPs or speakers

Corporate event planners always consider out-of-town VIPs or speakers for company events. The transportation (pick-up and transfers, car rentals) and accommodation (hotel reservation) of the guests should be considered as well as little things such as welcome totes.