How to Plan Your Next Large Corporate Event

You successfully organized a corporate sales convention or your company’s anniversary milestone celebration. Congratulations!

No doubt you had stressful days but at the end of the day the feeling was surely rewarding especially if you received positive feedback from the company employees or even the boss.

Then you find that your event management services are requested again to plan and cover a company’s next event. Will you use the same checklist from your previous event? Using the same template is extremely tempting as it makes planning any corporate event a lot easier. However, just like forcing the same dress on two different persons, no two corporate events are exactly alike.

There will always be several factors that set each one apart. Hence, there will be things you need to take into consideration when using your corporate event planning checklist.

  • What is the goal of the event? Is it to boost employee morale? Is it to commemorate significant company contributors? Setting the event objective will help you be on track.
  • How did the attendees respond to the food, the site, the ambience? You may want to revisit your suppliers and caterers if you received negative feedback on them. Regardless, avoid using the same suppliers on all your events. Were they entertained by the emcee or the background music of DJ? A list of band type and DJ for every occasion is very useful for an events planner.
  • Were all responsibilities and procedures covered? Were there no losses in inventory or collateral materials? Revisit your logistics management if you find there are recurring incidents of broken or loss equipment.

Now, before rushing to those potential event sites and suppliers, here are a few tips to add to your checklist. As the saying goes, “You can never be too prepared!”

Reflect on your previous corporate event.

Did you make a post assessment session of the last corporate event you planned? How did it go in general? Were there a few unforeseen incidents in the manpower, logistics? Or were there mistakes that were actually your fault?

Mistakes happen, sometimes inevitably and other times our fault. It is a great learning experience for corporate event planners but an experience that should not be repeated. Hence, review your previous checklist and mark those that needed closer watch. You can also have a short survey for attendees to have a third-party insight on the outcome of your event logistics management.

Check for the need for outside consultants.

Check the manpower of your site options. Do they have adequate staff to handle the specifics of your event? Set criteria and clear them with the company. Do they meet the specifications of your current logistics?

Little things count.

Things that you normally do not think could come up during the event unfortunately do come up when you least expect it. Will some speakers or VIPs come from outside the country? You may need to secure car rentals and hotel pickups. Are all security and legal passes secured and available? The last thing you need is a security person or an administrative officer telling you that your event pass is not valid.

There are many things to consider in organizing large corporate events. To set your mind at ease, you can hire the professional services of corporate event planners. With their service, you can sit back and enjoy your next company event.