GMS Helps Companies Improve Performance

There is a universal agreement among the incentive industry executives that properly-configured incentive programs should never cost a corporation a dime: The gains in productivity and profitability among prospective participants in an incentive program far exceed the actual cost of the incentive trip. In effect, a properly-conceived incentive can result in improved performance that outweigh the actual out-of-pocket costs associated with the incentive trip. Study after study has proven that professionally-structured incentive trips will pay for themselves through improved performance, gains in productivity and/or profitability. While non-travel incentives (such as gift cards, merchandise, and cash) remain popular with a segment corporate motivational decision makers—HR, in particular, incentive trips remain the most sought-after reward by the subject personnel. Incentive trips produce far greater lasting effect on the intended employees than do non-travel incentives. This is particularly true among more senior personnel.

GMS Global Management Services has been helping corporations design motivational programs that stand to produce the highest impact on the company’s bottom line. Beginning with defining the program objectives, followed by benchmarking standards, our approach is intended to yield the highest return on investment (ROI) for the participating company. While the critics of incentive travel argue that it is hard—if not impossible—to accurately measure the impact of a motivational incentive trip, our studies show that the impact on ROI is indeed relatively easy to measure provided the corporation established correct benchmarks at the outset. Based on our internal studies over 95% of our clients indicate that they feel their incentive trips have been effective in meeting the company’s goals—i.e., increasing ROI.

While some companies shy away from introducing incentive travel as an integral part of their motivation programs companywide, at GMS we deal with program design, management and tracking routinely. When we are engaged as an incentive service provider, we consider ourselves in partnership with our clients in identifying objectives and designing the right qualifying process to ensure the desired results are guaranteed. We view our role as helping our corporate clients design effective programs that result in measurably-enhanced motivation among participants while safeguarding the corporations ROI objectives.