Corporate Event Nightmares You Can Prevent Now

Corporate events are one of the few things employees anticipate. It is the break from their routine and they get to eat free snacks and be entertained. Who wouldn’t want to get a break away from work and drink cocktail? This is why companies spend a chunk of their budget for these events to boost employee morale.

For large and important events, services of corporate event planning companies are hired to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. Their unique set of expertise also allows them to quickly respond to immediate problems and offer creative solutions. If you are in charge of planning the event, everyone especially your boss, will expect you to make minimal mistakes as it can be extremely costly or worse, damaging to the quality of the event or the company.

Here are some of the common mistakes in corporate event management you can prevent now:

Sending invitations through poor channels/methods

Have you ever received an invitation for an event with a registration instruction to fax a filled up form? The process of scouting an old-fashioned working fax machine might have made you pull out your hair. Or how about hearing a complaint from one employee that he did not receive any invitation? Sending invitations is one of the first things crossed in corporate event planners’ checklist. It is important to send early to give guests apt time to schedule their other engagement. However, it is also important to know how you can send these invitations. One email blast is not enough to demand for response. Send follow up emails and consider making announcements on appropriate bulletins or occasions.

Half-filled conferences or overcrowded apartment

What do you want: a half-filled glass of water or a half-empty one? Neither! As with corporate events planning, nothing dampens the mood of an event than having to wait for an hour for half of the conference hall to fill up. This is the type of moments you wish you could disappear. Some tips: avoid holding large important events before and after a major holiday. Some of the people, even VIPs, may still be on vacation and you may find yourself looking for replacement speakers or additional people simply to fill up the hall. Before you secure the venue, double-check the size of the expected participants.

Delegated entire marketing activities to staff

Before you throw all marketing activities to your staff, check first their history of running promotional activities. For important large company events, you might need to hire professional services of external event organizers as their expertise runs from marketing and communication to making last-minute fixes and rushed deliverables.

Extremely slow and bottleneck registration

Nothing annoys guests more than waiting in line for half an hour. Split the lines and ensure you have adequate staff for support. Estimate the size of your attendees and allocate designated manpower for your registration booth. If you need staff or volunteers, make sure to enlist them as early as possible to orient on event protocols.