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Explore Tree House Hotels for your Next Incentive Travel Program


Did you ever build a tree house when you were a kid? Most children only dream of having their own tree house, unless their grandparents hire an architect to build them one.

Well, there’s still time to enjoy life among the leaves. Across the world, from Arkansas to Tanzania, there stand some awe-inspiring tree house hotels, where grownups are definitely allowed.

These are not Bart Simpson’s tree houses, either. Accomplished architects and interior designers are the driving creative forces behind each of these structures in the sky. Perfect for incentive travel programs, tree house hotels bring out the childlike wonder in all who inhabit them.

The Huffington Post recently published some inspirational examples of tree house hotels, and Condé Nast Traveler has an excellent list of its own.

Now give your employees a break from the corporate ladder, and let them climb a real one!