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GMS Helps Companies Improve Performance

There is a universal agreement among the incentive industry executives that properly-configured incentive programs should never cost a corporation a dime: The gains in productivity and profitability among prospective participants in an incentive program far exceed the actual cost of the incentive trip. In effect, a properly-conceived incentive can result in improved performance that outweigh the actual out-of-pocket costs associated with the incentive trip. Study after study has proven that professionally-structured incentive trips will pay for themselves through improved performance, gains in productivity and/or profitability. While non-travel incentives (such as gift cards, merchandise, and cash) remain popular with a segment corporate motivational decision makers—HR, in particular, incentive trips remain the most sought-after reward by the subject personnel. Incentive trips produce far greater lasting effect on the intended employees than do non-travel incentives. This is particularly true among more senior personnel.

GMS Global Management Services has been helping corporations design motivational programs that stand to produce the highest impact on the company’s bottom line. Beginning with defining the program objectives, followed by benchmarking standards, our approach is intended to yield the highest return on investment (ROI) for the participating company. While the critics of incentive travel argue that it is hard—if not impossible—to accurately measure the impact of a motivational incentive trip, our studies show that the impact on ROI is indeed relatively easy to measure provided the corporation established correct benchmarks at the outset. Based on our internal studies over 95% of our clients indicate that they feel their incentive trips have been effective in meeting the company’s goals—i.e., increasing ROI.

While some companies shy away from introducing incentive travel as an integral part of their motivation programs companywide, at GMS we deal with program design, management and tracking routinely. When we are engaged as an incentive service provider, we consider ourselves in partnership with our clients in identifying objectives and designing the right qualifying process to ensure the desired results are guaranteed. We view our role as helping our corporate clients design effective programs that result in measurably-enhanced motivation among participants while safeguarding the corporations ROI objectives.

What Do You Need to Become a Corporate Event Planner?

Event planning is a subset of the hospitality industry. Corporate event planning is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding professions that you can have. As an event planner in Chicago, you will work for private and public sector clients creating, planning, and organizing events that range from intimate board meetings to large-scale conferences, incentive programs, fashion shows, product launches, and holiday parties to name a few. You will be in charge of many crucial aspects of planning an event such as designing the theme, sending out invitations, arranging the venue, selecting the caterer, and negotiating with vendors and suppliers among others. Becoming a great event planner requires many traits that you may already have. Let us explore how you can hone these traits to become the best event planner that you can be.

As a corporate events planner, you have to regularly deal with many stakeholders such as clients, vendors, suppliers, entertainers, and venue providers. You also must find a way to meet the demands of these people so that everything transitions smoothly to the day of the event. In order to meet everyone’s expectations, you must have:

  • Organization skills. Event Planners often have many things to balance in order to get their job done. To balance these tasks, event planners need to be good at multi-tasking. To be able to multi-task effectively, you must always have an organized mindset. Event planning is all about the logistics – multi-task well and you will be a superstar.
  • Creativity. Event planners oversee many aspects such as decoration, theme, menu selection, web design, and even gift bag assembly. These aspects make events unique and memorable for your guests; therefore, having a flair for creativity will definitely help you on the job.
  • Patience. Event planners usually thrive under pressure. An event consists of numerous little details which need to be planned and executed properly so that the event runs as smoothly as possible. Being patient will allow you to keep a level head as you deal with all of these details. You can always bring in an event management company if it becomes too much.
  • Positive attitude. Event planners have a duty to ensure that events run smoothly. During the event planning process, there will be numerous problems and obstacles that you need to solve. Being positive allows you to accomplish tasks and be proactive in getting information, reaching out, and ensuring that your vision is achieved.
  • Passion. Good event planners are passionate people because the events that they create are an extension of themselves. Through their hard work, events run smoothly and are usually successful because every minor and major detail was attended to. When you care enough for your event, you will get it done effectively.
  • Culinary knowledge. Good event planners must possess knowledge on food because they propose culinary concepts to their clients that must match the clients’ specifications and budgets. For many events, food is usually the most crucial factor that determines whether an event is successful. When people are fed well, they usually do not complain about the event. This is why in order to keep your guests satisfied, you should have a working knowledge on food.
  • Resourcefulness. Finally, a good corporate event planner must possess an important attribute: That of resourcefulness. Clients rely on a planner for so many things that the job of a planner often involves juggling many balls in the air so to speak. Open-mindedness is a critical key to success in event planning—which will in the end make profession a very rewarding one.

The Importance of Hiring a Corporate Event Planner for Your Company Events

When celebrating an event such as a company anniversary or launching a brand new product or service, it is best to hire a professional corporate event planning company to plan all aspects of your event. Whether it be a product launch or business seminar, a professional event planning company will ensure that your event is executed professionally and to the exact precise tone that you envision. Professional event planners have the required experience and know-how to coordinate and execute all minor and major details of your event so that it is executed as smoothly as possible. The greatest benefit your event receives from hiring a professional events planner is that your guests have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Other benefits include:

  • You save a lot of money. Corporate event planners have existing business relationships with numerous suppliers and vendors. With those relationships, event planners can get discounted rates on food catering, lighting equipment, décor, floral and furniture rental requirements of an event. Even entertainment—because most event planners have access to DJs, musicians, comedians, hosts, and other entertainers that make an event more enjoyable—and always at preferential rates.
  • You save time. The simple fact is most people are busy with their work and other obligations. Most do not have enough time on their hands to plan each and every detail of an entire event. Professional corporate event planners can plan and execute your event in significantly less time than any of your employees because they have the experience and know-how required. No matter how unique and original the concept of your event, a professional events planner has all the right tools to actualize all major and minor concepts of your idea.
  • Professional event planners are knowledgeable. Professional event planners know all of the latest trends and newest venues where you can host your event—regardless of the destination. They even know all of the budget-saving secrets that are ideal for your event. From event styles to event themes, professional event planners will present you with numerous options so that you do not experience any difficulties conceptualizing your event.
  • Professional event planners in Chicago are detail-oriented. For your event to truly be successful, every major and minor detail has to be executed with absolute perfection. Professional event planners are there to make sure nothing is left out. Due to their experience at planning events, they know exactly what each and every occasion requires.
  • Professional event planners stick to your budget. Professional event planners will stick to your budget. Their network of suppliers and cost-saving strategies will ensure that you do not spend more than your budget. Sometimes, they even allow you to spend less than what you originally thought possible.

Bottom line

An event is a celebration wherein you provide an unforgettable experience to your guests. Hiring a professional corporate event planner will ensure that you save time and money. Your event will also occur without any complications. Best of all, you do not have to exert effort at planning each and every detail of your event.

The Advantage of Hiring a Corporate Event Company for Your Events

Most companies regularly host events of various nature for their clients and employees for an enjoyable and/or educational experience. Whether it is a product launch, holiday party, or a regional sales meeting, a great deal of coordination goes into the preparation of such events. To accomplished their goals and in the interest of efficiency and effectiveness, most companies rely on professional event planners to manage and oversee the details and logistics of their events. Professional event planners make the execution of an event appear effortless and seamless. Corporate event planners make company executives’ job easier by managing every aspect of rolling out an event—always behind the scenes. Among many roles that event planners play are:

  • They conceptualize the purpose of your event. In the world of business, events are a great way to improve bottom line as they create brand recognition for a company’s product or service. If you are raising funds for a specific cause, events are also a great way to achieve this. Corporate event planners make your event more meaningful because they plan your event with specific goals in mind—the primary one being to improve your return on investment (ROI).
  • They are experts at time management. Corporate event planners are experts when it comes to time management. When they plan your corporate event, they plan each and every detail carefully and organize them into a logical timeline for everyone to follow. In this timeline, they efficiently coordinate and communicate with all suppliers and vendors that would be needed for your event. They will locate an ideal venue for your event for the date and time of your choice. They will then select an appropriate food catering service for your keeping in mind your specific requirements (cuisine, budget, etc.). Through their efficiency at providing time management, you will be able to focus on doing your job—which may be to just sit back and enjoy the flawless execution of your event!
  • They provide content and entertainment. No matter what type of event you have, you need to entertain your guests so that your event becomes unforgettable. Corporate event planners have access to a wide range of speakers, musicians, comedians, DJs, and celebrities who can perform for your event. Professional event planners are also often called upon to help clients with appropriate content for corporate events of educational nature.
  • They market and advertise your event properly. Events are opportunities for you to showcase your product or service. They increase awareness that will lead to revenue. When you have a revenue-generating event (for example a conference), you want as many people to attend as possible. Corporate event planners are masterful at advertising and promoting your event. They will create event invitation ads on numerous social networking sites. They will also create email blasts about your event that they will send to their massive address book of contacts. Through their advertising, your brand will receive substantial awareness.

Corporate event planners make your life managing events easier as they take on all hardships that come with planning an event. They manage numerous details all at once so that when the event date arrives, everything transitions effortlessly without complications. Through their efforts, the goal and purpose of your event will be successfully achieved.

The Logistics of Corporate Event Planning

When planning for a major corporate event such as an incentive trip, product launch or end-of-year corporate sales holiday party, it is a certainty that you will be spending a considerable amount of money especially when your goal is to invite as many people as you can. The success of a corporate event depends a great deal on the destination and the venue you select, the activities included and the entertainment that your guests experience. To ensure that your events go smoothly, a professional corporate event planner must be hired to manage all logistics of your event. A professional corporate event planner is very crucial to the success of your event because of the logistical duties that he or she has. Among those duties are:

Search for an ideal venue

As previously mentioned, the success of your corporate event relies heavily on the venue where your event is held. A venue that is already beautiful by itself makes the entire event better and more memorable. Professional corporate event planners are up-to-date with the latest trends of hot spot venues that you can hold your corporate event in. They also have the necessary connections required to reserve those venues for the date of your event. Additionally, your professional corporate event planner has the decorative skills to dress up and personalize your venue so that it aligns with your event purpose and your company brand.

Manage all communications

Regardless of what type of event, you must hire caterers, lights and equipment providers, entertainers, security providers, and various other services. The logistical duty of your corporate event planner is to keep constant communication with those providers. In the communicating process, your event planner is in charge of the following:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Proposals
  • Site Inspection
  • Layout Diagramming
  • Budget Grids

Establish a timeline of activities

For your event to be memorable, numerous activities need to be accomplished. Meetings with the caterers, vendors, and venue providers must be regularly conducted to ensure that everything transitions smoothly up until the day of your event. Your professional event planner will manage the budgeting of all hired services so that you do not have to worry about spending more than what you had planned. In many cases, hiring a good event planner will actually save you more money as you spend less than what you initially had in budget.

Determine program structure and agenda

When your professional corporate event planner creates the mechanics of your program, this process includes:

  • Laying out the number of expected attendees.
  • Establishing your program theme and content.
  • Promoting/advertising your event on social media.
  • Liaising the mechanics of your program with vendors and venue.

Create a post event evaluation

This process occurs after your event. The post evaluation process determines whether your event was successful. Your event planner will come up with a report that analyzes the return on your investment as well as your attendees’ investment, if applicable. Through this evaluation, you determine any mistakes that may have occurred in your event so that when you plan another event in the future, you do not commit the same mistakes again.