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A Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There is no shortage of activity in Brazil right now, as hundreds of thousands of soccer fans from around the world have descended on the country to cheer on the teams of their home countries as they compete for the World Cup trophy.

But what do you do in Brazil when the country isn’t hosting the world’s most important soccer tournament?

GMS DMC recently took executives from an international car company on a week-long trip to Rio de Janeiro, where Brazil’s majestic geography, architecture, and cuisine took our breath away. Below are three highlights from Day 6 of our trip:

Sugar Loaf Mountain

We organized a tour of Sugar Loaf Mountain, a very recognizable rock formation off the coast of Rio. A cable car transported us over the coast and above the bustling city. The journey was as important as the destination, and when we arrived, we celebrated with a Champagne toast.

Lunch at Confeitaria Colombo

The Confeitaria Colombo was opened by two Portuguese immigrants in 1894, back when Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil. Today, the elegant pastry shop (“confeitaria” is Portuguese for “confection”) retains its aura of elegance and modernity–the perfect place to enjoy a bite to eat and sip a cup of Brazilian coffee.

Christ the Redeemer Tour

Towering 2,300 feet above the city of Rio de Janeiro, the statue of Christ the Redeemer blesses the city with its presence. One of the Seven New Wonders of the World, Cristo Redentor (as it’s known locally) lights up at night and offers breathtaking views of the city when you find yourself standing beside it, as our group did after we took the cog wheel train to the apex of Corvado.

And that was just one day! Next week we will offer highlights from Day 7 of the trip, which included a gala dinner on a private island. Until then, we hope you enjoy the World Cup as much as we are!

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