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How to Make Sure Your Employees Get the Vacation they Deserve

When was the last time you spent an entire day without working? That means no emails, no calls—not even reading news related to your line of work. In our always-on world, vacations have been transformed into relocations of the body—but not necessarily the mind.

According to this recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Glassdoor, more than 60 percent of employees have admitted to working during their time off. One in three of these employees who worked on vacation did so because no one else at their company could do the work.

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Other reasons for working on vacation include:

  • fear of falling behind
  • hope for a promotion
  • fear of losing a job
  • the desire to outperform colleagues

One way to help alleviate these worries for your employees is to implement an incentive travel program into your organization. Even the hardest working people need to unwind from time to time, but the average American worker only uses about half of the vacation time available, leaving a whopping 175 million vacation days untouched in a typical year.

Incentive Travel: The Vacation Employees Deserve

An incentive trip allows everyone to relax and recharge. And because it is company-sanctioned, employees feel free to spend time relaxing with their spouses, families, and colleagues. It’s amazing how enjoyable life can be when we’re on vacation and work isn’t hanging over our heads. This environment is also perfect for strengthening bonds among coworkers.

Your most valuable employees are the most likely to spend their family vacation time working remotely—if they even take a vacation at all. For such driven and loyal people, it’s important to ensure that they get the vacation they deserve. Incentive travel is the ideal solution, because it essentially forces employees to relax and enjoy themselves. They’ll thank you for it, and their work satisfaction and performance will be higher than ever. Only in America…

Incentive Travel vs. Cash Rewards: Which is the Better Investment?

Successful businesses are always looking for the most effective ways to motivate employees. So what works best: cash or travel?

When given the option, people are inclined to choose cash over just about anything. Because with cash, you have options. However, studies have shown that overall, incentive travel shows a higher return on investment than cash does–both for the employer and the employees. The reason is simple: Incentive travel programs provide intangible value that cash rewards can’t offer.

Growth through new experiences

The experience that an incentive travel program provides is something that cold, hard cash can’t offer. When you provide incentive trips to your employees, you have the chance to not only reward them for their hard work, but also to engage with them. Outside the pressures of the office, your team gets the opportunity to forge new relationships and build on existing ones with their leaders and their peers.

In contrast, when cash rewards are given, employees often treat this as part of their salary and end up spending their bonuses on bills or living expenses. With travel incentives, you’re giving your employees the opportunity to visit destinations and participate in activities they might not otherwise get to experience.

Memories that last a lifetime

All of the positive experiences gained from an incentive trip become etched in employees’ memories. These memories foster feelings of gratitude and appreciation as team members associate these positive memories with your business.

A monetary reward, on the other hand, is purely transactional. There is little-to-no sentimental value associated with receiving cash. And because cash rewards are often used on everyday expenses, they are easily forgotten.

The memories that result from incentive travel are priceless. When you can share an experience with your team and connect over shared memories, you can relate to them on a deeper level, and that connection is something that will prove more meaningful to a person’s work and life than cash ever will.


Cash can pad your employees’ bank accounts, but can it rejuvenate your team’s spirits? Can it re-energize your employees when they need it most?

On-the-job stress is the top reason for employee dissatisfaction in the American workforce. Unfortunately, most employees don’t take all of their vacation time–even if they desperately need it. This causes team members to get burnt-out and stressed, and consequently they are not able to perform at their best.

According to a CCH Human Resources Management study, nearly 40% of employees “feel more productive and better about their job” and more than 50% of employees feel more “rested, rejuvenated and reconnected to their personal life” when returning from vacation.

When you opt for an incentive travel program rather than cash rewards, you’re helping your employees feel more revitalized. And when your employees have energy and are motivated, they’ll be more productive, contributing to the success of your business.

An easy decision
These are just a few of the many benefits incentive travel programs offer. When deciding whether to reward your employees with cash or incentive travel, the latter is the only option that will make a lasting impression on your employees while also rejuvenating their spirits. In the end, incentive travel rewards employees and employers.