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How much do you know about Vancouver?


Vancouver is the city our colleague, Emilie, calls home. She is in touch with the citys culture, knows the best restaurants, and can recommend a wonderful hotel to fit any budget. Of course, that is what we do for our clients in every city they travel to, but for us, Vancouver is special.

Here are a few little-known facts about the City of Glass:

- You can’t buy alcohol in grocery stores. (Don’t worry—there are plenty of places where you can!

- In 2007, Vancouver was rated the No.-1 city in North America by the Mercer Group’s Quality of Living Survey.

- Greenpeace was founded in Vancouver in the 1960s.

- Thirty-five percent of Vancouver’s population is foreign-born, the highest in the world.

- Vancouverites dine out more than any other North American city. (That’s probably because the weather tends to be mild, and there are always new restaurants popping up.)

- Vancouver contains one of the oldest and largest Chinatowns in North America.

The city of Vancouver is filled with surprises. Contact us today, and learn how GMS can make your company’s next trip to Vancouver one that you’ll never forget!